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Who is Self Employed Australia?  We are a non profit organization funded entirely from membership fees and contributions from our members.  We have been an advocate voice and support for businesses for 20 years.  We are NOT aligned to any political party, rather we are aligned to the interests of our members.

We are seeking the information of like minded businesses and individuals to enable us to build a network based on common goals and interests.  At the moment this single common goal is the removal of restrictions on business in Victoria and those responsible for the unworkable situation we are in.


Below you will find a simple 30 second survey that will enable us to get the data we need to build this network.  We will not spam you, or provide your information to anyone else without your permission.  Together we can work through these tough times and speak with a single voice and goal.  Together we can get Victoria Back to Business and get people back to earning money.

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Our strength is in our unity, not our division.

Dan Declares War On Small Business

This dumping of the common law definition of self-employment with the creation of a new test (called the ‘entrepreneurial test’) would smash small businesses in Victoria.

Dan Andrews (Victoria) at it again. More ‘destroy the self-employed’ agenda

Last week we reported on Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ agenda to make being your own boss illegal. Now’s there’s more evidence.

Victoria – the fix. We explain how and why. But it won’t happen

 The closing of Victoria by the Andrews Labor government is the direct result of one thing—a chaotic collapse of Victoria’s health administration—in other words, state failure!

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Self Employed Australia is a non-profit organisation funded entirely by members to support business.  We are the advocates for you and your business.  Click here to read more about us and what we can offer you and your business.

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We are here to help you, but we also welcome any assistance you can provide whether that be financial or other resources that aid in our cause of business advocacy.  How can we help you or how can you help us? Contact us today for a chat.